New Year's 2010

New Year's 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July

Decided to make my sister a 4th of July celebration card.  I had seen some napkins and a few doodads I liked in Hobby Lobby and gathered them up for a cardmaking session.
I've always been fascinated by shaker cards but had never made one.  I decided that this was the perfect time to try one out!  Most of the online directions showed you how to make your own box but I've been saving plastic packaging covers for quite some time hoping to use them for just this purpose.  Out of 40+ sites with tutorials I found one that addressed this idea but oddly enough it wasn't for a shaker so I had to make my own adjustments.

I was going to attach the napkin piece as I did in a previous post but changed my mind.  I tried to separate the three layers but only was able to remove one layer so I decided to glue stick it to the front of the card.  This worked great until I handled the card for a while and I noticed that the top layer was coming loose at the corners.  Wouldn't you know wouldn't come off when I wanted it to, LOL!!!  So...I slipped some glue under the edges and things were fine.  The glue stick worked fine so if you use it make sure you really have removed two layers!!!

I finished up the front with the doodads I got at Hobby Lobby and I used confetti red, white and blue stars for the shaker. The three stars are part of a garland and I attached it with brads.  I used double stick tape to attach "July 4th" to the shaker.
I carried to theme to the inside, added a verse and used some of the napkin scraps to make faux photo corners.

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  1. What a wonderful card to celebrate our holiday. Thanks for sharing ... must look for those napkins
    I know I put them somewhere -- so I wouldn't loose them..*sigh*