New Year's 2010

New Year's 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Folding I Will Go

I tried out a new style card for Mother's Day for my sister.  I got the pattern from Penny and you can get it here.
I printed out different plaid sheets, tiles and a pyramid sheet that are all from Penny.  I took the tile and repeated it 12 times on a sheet in Microsoft Word and printed it out on glossy banner paper.  The rest of the sheets were also printed on the same type of paper.

I covered all the surfaces of the front of the card with the various pieces of the plaid sheets.  Then I attached the pyramid pieces and the teabag medallion.  Next the sentiments were added and lastly I applied "gems" to the medallion and the four inner corners.
Here is a side view that shows a close up of the back section.
This view is from the other side showing the pyramid head on.
This is what the front looks like when folded.  It fits in a business envelope.

The teabag medallion is a pinwheel pattern shown on page 13 in Tea-Bag Folding by Suzanne McNeil.

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  1. your card is gorgeous! How do I find Penny? cyour card makes me want to check her store.