New Year's 2010

New Year's 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

On and On and On

Some time ago I made a most interesting card.  According to my sister it was a most frustrating card because she couldn't figure out how to open it!!!  It is called a "never ending" card and you can continue to open it over and over and over.
Step #1...This is the front of the card.  You grasp the lizard where it is split top to bottom and open it up like a set of kitchen cabinets.
Step #2...After opening the front you will see the next set of designs.  This time the opening is in the pot (on the horizontal).  You take hold of the edges in the middle and open it up and down.  The top lizard will disappear as you bring the top edge upwards and the bottom lizard will disappear as you bring the bottom edge downwards.  The resulting shape is a "plus" sign.
Step #3...Now take the "kitchen cabinet doors" again and open in the same direction as you did with the card in the very beginning.
Step #4...You now have reached the back of the card.  Repeat step 2 and you will be back to the front of your card.  You can continue opening your card to hour heart's delight!

Because this is probably still confusing you can find an even better photo "how to" open your card here that Dawn made. 

I've run across several different types of these cards on the web.  Here are some tutorials for the above style of Never Ending Card:
...Victorine Originals
...Chia's House of Stirfry
...Etha Schuette
...Stamping with Dawn (video)

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