New Year's 2010

New Year's 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mo La La La

I borrowed a book called Traditional Card Techniques by Marie Browning from the local library not too long ago.  There was a section on African masks that inspired my next card.
I made this using a technique called "Mola" which in sewing (the original use of the Mola design) is an intricate reverse applique style.  In paper craft the Mola design is achieved by cutting out the outline of the original object (the blue section above).  Then the next color is attached to the back of the original and the design cutouts are made by cutting a small margin of the second color (yellow).  This continues as long as you wish.

The finished mola was attached to the card base to which I had already attached a piece of packing paper that I had saved (because it was cool).  Then I tied some red yarn around the fold of the card and attached three of my cockatiel's feathers.
On the inside I took a picture of African baskets, lightened it and added words using Microsoft Word.

Here is some additional information on the Mola technique...

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