New Year's 2010

New Year's 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Poke Poke Poke

This technique is quite easy but the results can be spectacular!  It is called "Paper Pricking" or "Ornare".  The template or pattern can be printed on paper.  You can also purchase metal or plastic templates that make the job so easy.
Some directions say the smooth side is the front but I like to use which ever side appeals to me.  On this card I used the rough side as the outside.  I used a metal template by Marianne Design to prick the design.  I originally was going to do a "white on white" card but I decided it needed the silver cardstock to set off the design.  I added the silver ribbon for the finishing touch.

Here are some tutorials to help you on your way...

Here are some free patterns...

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