New Year's 2010

New Year's 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tunnel Vision

My latest "Card Crafts" swap is a "tunnel card".  There are a couple styles for tunnel cards and I chose to do one that I found on Chia's Rubber Stamp and Asylum of Creative Expression (An interesting name don't you think?).
Since my partner is in Ohio I decided to do a card with a Southwest flavor.  I found a desert sunset picture and printed it out four times.  Each of the pictures has to be cut once, each at a natural division.
I used the template pattern provided on the Chia site but I made some adjustments to it.  I wanted it to have one more fold on each side and I changed some measurements to fit a 12 inch paper.  For my template click here!
Above you can see the template after being folded and the window being cut out.  Use a bone folder to make each fold crisp.
I started on the left side with the largest (whole) picture and attached it inside the last fold with double sided tape. 
I added the second piece to the next fold.
And the third... 
And last but not least the fourth!
Repeat this procedure on the other side.  I added a piece of matching lavender cardstock to the back (cut to the size of the finished card).  This is a top view of the folds and photos.
This view shows the "step" effect.

Here are some tutorials for you...

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