New Year's 2010

New Year's 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Colliding Kaleidoscopes

I have a great program called Kaleidoscope Kreator.  Originally I got it to design quilt squares and then one day decided to play around with it to make a design for a card.  I found a small picture of berries and pinecones and used it as the basis for the kaleidoscope.  Then, because I like the pyramid technique, I decided to print the design in several sizes.
This is a side view so you can see the layers of the pyramid.  The bottom layer is glued to a slightly larger piece of contrasting cardstock which was centered and glued to the card.  Each subsequent section is added on top of the previous section.  I used foam dots around the edges and in the middle of each section.
For the inside I copied the original kaleidoscope into Microsoft Word and stretched it to fit the inside.  I added a message, cut the image out and attached to the inside with glue stick.  I use glue sticks a lot because they dry fast.  After gluing an element I "press" it under several books while I work on the next part.

For those of you who have Kaleidoscope Kreator and want to print out pyramid sections, here is a short tutorial:

Open your program, import your image, choose the square shape with 16 pieces and play around until you like what you see.  When you save your image choose "save worksheet".  Once you've made your kaleidoscope image you will need to print it out in several sizes.

When you are ready to print make sure you choose "print multiple". In the size section check to see that "maintain proportions" is checked then enter "4 inches" for the width and "1" for the quantity and click "add".  Now you are ready to add your other sized pieces.  Change width to "3.4 inches" and click "add".  Continue on in this manner with "2.9 inches", "2.45 inches", "2.1 inches" and "1.45 inches".

Make sure your print margins are "0.1" for size and that "show cutlines" is NOT checked.  Make sure your printer properties are set for glossy photo paper, print the sheet and let dry a few minutes.

Here are some tutorials for pyramid or pyramage cards:
   Crafty Ann 

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