New Year's 2010

New Year's 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

What a Pane :-)

I was looking for a new way to use a favorite stamp of mine..."Correspondence/Quill Collage from Hampton Art Stamps.  I stamped the image on white paper with brown ink and then used my watercolor pencils to block in different colored sections.  Then I took a cotton swab, wet it and rubbed the image to blend the colors together.
I cut the image apart into nine equal parts, spread them out on the blue cardstock and carefully glued them down so they would look like window panes.  Then I backed this with the tan and glued to the card base.  I added a strip of tan and a piece of the blue to the bottom and glued and used a decorative brad to attach.  Then I took two words from the inside sentiment, stamped, backed and attached to the tan strip.
I carried part of the front pattern (simplified) to the inside.  The middle column was stamped with the complete sentiment and viola' I was finished.
This technique is very similar to the "Serendipity" technique which can also be thought of as a collage or mosaic.  In my card the grid pieces are the same size and are in the same direction.  However if you change the size and/or direction you will get a totally different design.

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